The Newest Member of the IJR Team!

Meet L2, our newest team member...

Hi!  I am stoked to be the newest member of the Island Joy Rides team! I love riding my bike - the fresh air, the freedom, the energy, the places I get to go, the way my heart and my body seem to smile a bit brighter.  I'm also strongly connected with tourism having worked and studied in the sector for the past 20 years as a whitewater rafting guide, a campground manager, a researcher, a guest services team leader, an undergraduate student, and a graduate student.  Combining my passions for playing outside, riding my bike, interacting with people, fostering active participation in quality of life, and contributing to a vibrant and professional tourism industry on Vancouver Island makes joining the Island Joy Rides team a synergistic move.

I see the experiences created and offered by Island Joy Rides aligning very strongly with my personal values - I am grateful to live, play, and work on Vancouver Island, and I look for ways to share that appreciation with local residents and travelers who choose Vancouver Island as a destination and a place to spend their leisure time.  Our connections to people and place are often enhanced through shared leisure experiences; learning about food and nourishment from neighbourhood farmers and producers, interacting with artists and craftspeople in their spaces, noticing and appreciating the simple joy and beauty of our highly-complex ecosystems, and cycling along idyllic roads and trails all contribute to a greater sense of community.

I hope to meet you this summer on an Island Joy Rides adventure!


Laurel S

PS Yes, my name is Laurel too so you can call me L2;)