Ingredients for the Best Women’s Getaway

Doesn't getting away from everyday life sound heavenly? For most, this is a rare opportunity that needs to be carefully planned.

Life is about moments.  Don't wait for them.  Create them.  Below are a 6 suggestions for making your girl's getaway extra special.

1.  Quality not quantity:  If you just can't handle the guilt (or expense) of being away for a week, then keep it to 1-2 nights.

2.  Try something new:  Stretching your boundaries, exploring the world, and gaining new experiences with your favourite girls make for a memorable getaway.

3.  Build activity into your day:  The invigorating activity such as biking or hiking will make the cold glass of bubbly and guilit-free chocolate taste even better.

4.  Be silly: Sometimes it's those simple, different or quirky moments that build the fondest of memories. 

5.  Allow time for personal reflection:  Some quiet time - whether it's through yoga, meditation or a walk on the beach - helps you re-group and feel grounded.

6.  Relax and be vulnerable:  Create an atmosphere without judgement to allow for increased connection. You don't have to wear makeup, or shower, or shave your legs if you don't want to. Want to sit in the middle of the hotel room, holding a bottle of wine and cry your head off? Just do it.

In our opinion, Leaning into Joy: A Women's Weekend of Cycling, Yoga and Wellness meets all of the above criterion for the perfect getaway. What do you think?