Hybrid or Road -- The Great Debate.

Hybrid or Road Bikes?

As avid road bikers, our initial thought was to plan our routes around road biking. There is no doubt - we have some amazing cycling around here.

The problem is, with so much nature at our very fingertips we simply can't limit our tours to road riding.  We feel it is our duty to share the natural beauty with our guests - our secret forest trails, our waterfalls, our beach paths that avoid the hills...

This is what we decided:

16 Giant Escape 0 Hybrid Bikes with tires that are great on roads but can handle easy trails as well. They are the best of both worlds and we love them.

Here they are:






For those of you who care, click here are the full specs on our new 2014 hybrid bikes.

**One thing we'd like you to know, though, is that if you prefer to bring your own bike or rent a road bike, we are happy to accommodate you.  :)