Joyful Christmas Special:  Save $300 per couple on multi-day tours

We are pleased to offer a special on 2 of our tours...

Looking for that special gift for someone you love?

Feeling the need to plan and active adventure?

Ready to immerse yourself in our island culture?


We are so pleased to be offering a $300 per couple ($150 per single!) discount on two favourite tours:  

Edge of the Islands

"The Edge" experience invites you to take pleasure in the simple things - the wind blowing through your hair as you walk along driftwood-strewn beaches, the majestic old growth forests that make you feel so very small, the peaceful energy your body and mind feel following a morning yoga session. Experience the magic of our island through its amazing cycling routes and culinary delights feeling a little richer - a little more joyful - than you did when you arrived.

West Coast Foodie

A feast for the senses, West Coast Foodie combines your love of cycling with culinary surprises and unique cultural opportunities...all thoughtfully designed to immerse you in the unique culture of our island.


Contact us and we will help you make lasting memories.

**Offer ends December 31, 2014