Our Story

In the Beginning....

If you were asked to write down 10 things that make you "come alive" what would you write?  Try it! 

After reading Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields, I did just that. I wrote my random thoughts on tiny pieces of scrap paper...biking, hiking, meaningful sustainable travel, great food, delicious wine, unique experiences, new and old friendships, taking the time to appreciate the small stuff, exploring new places, paying it forward...

A I read my list to my husband one evening, it was as if an active travel company jumped off the page.  I could combine the whole list and share my enthusiasm and love of Vancouver Island with others at the same time.  There is nothing like this available in our area...this would be unique!  Maybe one day we could offer travel experiences elsewhere in the world! 

After much research and careful planning, we knew this was going to fly so I took a leave from my teaching position to tackle this challenge full time. Now, going into our sixth year, I continue to be find inspiration and motivation with every tour.  We've met so many interesting people from all over the world who have shared their love of active travel, new experiences, and (re)discovering joy.  Island Joy Rides continues to seek out the friendliest guides, the most delicious and freshest Vancouver Island foods, the most scenic cycling routes, the tastiest and most innovative breweries, wineries, and distilleries, the comfiest beds, and the best views. 

Now, with two trailers and 32 bikes we are thrilled to be sharing our area and joy. Whether you are new to cycling tours or have travelled around the world on your bike, we invite you to join an Island Joy Rides tour and experience the abundance of wild, yet refined Vancouver Island culture.

Laurel Cronk: Owner

One of our two trailersOne of our two trailers

Island Joy Rides Team

John Elson

John ElsonJohn Elson
John’s outdoor passions include hiking, cross country skiing, running – and, of course, cycling!  His knowledge extends from history to music to fitness and nutrition so he keeps guests (and fellow guides) learning a little something on every tour.  

Chris Round

Chris RoundChris Round
Chris is devoted to joyful bicycle exploration – and much else in the outdoors! She has had extensive bicycle touring experience around the globe and knows how much our Island has to offer.

Laurel Sliskovic

Laurel's smile and postive attitude are contagious. When she's not guiding or working behind the scenes with Island Joy Rides, she can be found paddle boarding, practicing yoga, operating her own business, or laughing with a group of friends at Beach Fire Brewing.      

Richard Cronk

Richard CronkRichard Cronk
Richard is a chiropractor and Laurel's hubby. He helps guide, loads bikes, maintains bikes and even makes treats for Island Joy Rides. Richard is an avid cycler and also one of our poster boys.


"If I can bicycle, I bicycle." – David Attenborough