Our Mission

Our mission is to have our guests experience our island home as we do and to feel the exhilaration and joy of traveling through beautiful surroundings under their own power. We aim to provide a naturally breathtaking experience in which the extraordinary environment is complemented by deluxe accommodation, fabulous local food and excellent service. Cycling, by its nature, is an environmentally friendly activity and that spirit permeates our mission. Our venture seeks to minimize our impact on our island and our planet. We will aim to eat locally, travel lightly, take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but tire tread marks – and patronize businesses that share this ethic. Ultimately, our goal is that our guests have an experience that is rewarding, enriching, memorable – and joyful!

Our Thoughts on Sustainability...

Not only are we passionate about biking and the nature, arts, and culture of Vancouver Island -  we want to preserve it for the enjoyment of future generations.  Biking was chosen as our means of transportation as we truly believe it is the best way to experience a new environment, however, we also chose it because of its low impact on the environment. 

Here are a few tidbits from the International Bicycle Fund that quantify the benefits of traveling by bike:

  • For every 1 mile pedaled rather than driven, about 1 pound of CO² is saved.
  • On-going use of a bicycle has virtually NO carbon footprint.
  • Cycling reduces air pollution -- bicyclists emit few poisonous gases:))
  • A four-mile bicycle trip keeps about 15 pounds of pollutants out of the air
  • Cycling reduces water pollution -- bikes don't drip brake fluid, anti-freeze, etc.
  • Cycling reduces noise pollution -- even without a muffler bikes are quiet!

We endeavour to utilize the most environmentally friendly means available to us when delivering our bike experiences.  We also aim to support the local Vancouver Island economy through our personal and business activities. We have taken time and care to source partners that are like-minded in this regard.  For instance every restaurant that we recommend and/or take you to is an independent, locally owned establishment, using locally-produced sustainable products as much as possible.Most of our business and marketing is conducted over the internet; any correspondence from us is printed on recycled paper; we use locally made pottery for our serving dishes when we have a picnic; we carry a recycling container in our bike trailer at all times - we feel these small choices make a difference.

We hope you do too!